Rehat Maryādā | Sikh Code | v2


"God is One, He is the Creator,
He is forever Victorious

"I love a Sikh's disciplined way of life,
not the Sikh

Gurmat Rehat Maryādā
Summarised Version)

Rehat Maryādā is a code of Conduct is Sikh Religion and Sikh Society - according Sikh Holy scripture - Sri Guru Granth Sahib, writings of the 10 Gurus and History of Religious tradition.

You can click and look through the chapters - I hope you will find a lot of useful information on the subject:

- How to treat and educate children - starting from their birth and formative years,

- What are the requirements to be accepted into Sikh community and receive an initiation,

- all fundamental teachings and prayers, what are Sikh main Duties, what is important to observe and what to avoid,

- what are traditions regarding Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies

- also many exemplary quotes from Holy Scriptures are provided.

This version of Rehat Maryādā I have marked as V2 - or the Version Second - after the Version First of Rehat Maryādā which has been published earlier, where I gave more details on what is Rehat Maryādā in general, how it was codified and why:

The current work is not the same, but similar - some topics are expounded a lot deeper as earlier, however - some topics may be left behind the limits of the present Summarised edition.

What is known as Sikh Rehat Maryādā is a code of conduct and conventions for Sikhism, approved by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar in 1936. It was elaborated and approved by an elected body of Sikhs working together since 1925 for the purpose of administering Gurdwaras.

The outcome was this Rule of Rehat Maryādā which you can read in the following pages.


1. Children
2. Amrit – Initiation in Khalsa
3. First Teachings
4. Five Kakārs
5. Four Cardinal Sins
6. Important to Note
7. Wedding Ceremony
8. Teachings for Adults
9. Death Ceremony
10. Holy Scriptures
11. Reading of Scriptures