Rehat Maryādā | Sikh Code | v1 | Section 5

Rehat Maryada: Section Five

Chapter XII - Altruistic Work
Article XXI - Voluntary Service

Voluntary service (Seva) is a prominent part of Sikh religion. Illustrative models of voluntary service are organized, for imparting training, in the gurdwaras.

Its simple forms are: sweeping and plastering the floors of the gurdwara

[In olden times, buildings, particularly in rural areas had mud and not brick paved or cement floors. To give to these floors firmness and consistency, they were thinly plastered with a diluted compound of mud.],

serving water to or fanning the congregation, offering provisions to and rendering any kind of service in the common kitchen-and-eating house, dusting the shoes of the people visiting the gurdwara, etc.

a. Guru’s kitchen-and-Eating House.

The philosophy behind the Guru’s kitchen-and-eating house is twofold:

to provide training to the Sikhs in voluntary service and to help banish all distinction of high and low, touchable and untouchable from the Sikhs minds.

b. All human beings, high or low, and of any caste or colour may sit and eat in the Guru’s kitchen-with-eating house. No discrimination on grounds of the country of origin, colour, caste or religion must be made while making people sit in rows for eating.

However, only baptized Sikhs can eat off one plate.