6. Important to Note | Sikh Code | v2


The 5 Takhts (Thrones) of the Khalsa

1. Sri Akāl Takht Sahib – Founded by the 6th Guru Sahib in Sri Amritsar Sahib.

2. Takht Sri Patna Sahib (Bihar) – The place of revelation of the 10th Guru Sahib. The 9th Guru Sahib said that this should be made a Takht.

3. Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib – The place where the Khalsa was founded.

4. Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, Sabo Ki Talwandi – This is where the 10th Satguru recited the complete Sri Guru Granth Sahib jī (including the Gurbani of the 9th Guru) from ‘Ik Ongkār' to 'Adharā Das Bees’ –

Bhai Mani Singh jī was the scribe as Gur Sahib recited the Gurbani. Guru Ji revealed the meanings of Gurbani and established a university to teach It (the Taksal).

Damdama Sahib is known as ‘Guru ki Kanshi' (the school of the Guru). At this Takht there is a coin from Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji's time, upon which Takht Damdama Sahib is inscribed.

A person who does not accept this to be a Takht and instead regards a living person as a Takht, are considered greatly mistaken and against the teachings of the Guru.

5.Takht Abchal Nagar, Sach Khand Sri Hazur Sahib, Nānder (Mahārāshtra)  -

This is where Sri Guru Granth Sahib jī was appointed as the Guru for eternity by Sri Guru Gobind Singh jī, who went to Sach Khand from here.

Whenever a Singh/Singhni goes to a Takht for the first time they are to donate a minimum of five rupees and give five rupees for Karah Parshad.

Four Foundations

1. Sri Nankana Sahib
2. Sri Amritsar Sahib
3. Sri Taran Tāran Sahib
4. Sri Muktsar Sahib

The Four Colours of the Khalsa

Blue, Black, White and Saffron.

These four colours are to be worn. Other colours excite the mind and lure it to vices, and are therefore prohibited.

Amritdhari Singhs/Singhni's are specifically warned not to wear red or green at any time. One is to dress humbly, any simple colours can be worn.

Amritdhari women are not to wear ear rings, nose-rings, rings, bangles, nail polish, lipstick, bindi, henna, keeping long nails, wearing a sārī etc. Piercing of any kind is prohibited.

The Code of Conduct of Satguru jī is that one is not to pierce their ears or nose."
(Rehatnāma Bhai Dayā Singh jī, p. 78)

Singhs/Singhni’s are not to wear rings, ear-rings and other jewellery, Satguru jī says:

Guru Ji says your jewellery is the Nām which will be of assistance at your time of death." (SGGSJ Ang 375)

In the next world only the jewellery of Nām is of assistance, worldly jewellery is of no avail.

Amritdhari Singhs and Singhnis are to abstain from jooth (eating food that has already been eaten by others or is being shared). Food from restaurants is not to be consumed. Fruit should be eaten after it has been washed.

Degrading video films, television, cinema, dances are not to be watched.

A Singh is not to wear a blanket around his waist in a traditional dhoṭi manner or a turla is not to be left out of the turban, (one strand left out of sequence).

5 groups not to be associated with (i.e. not to eat with or marry your children to)

1.  Tobacco users

People who smoke or use any form of tobacco (or drugs) are not to be associated with.

2.  Female Infanticide

Those who kill their daughters at birth:

"The following are all major sins:

a) Killing a Brahma jñāni,
b) Killing a black cow
c) Killing or selling your daughter,
d) Eating from a person who has no moral discipline.

Anyone who commits any of these has committed thousands of sins and this egotistical individual will be reprimanded thousands of times." (SGGSJ Ang 1413)

"They who kill their daughters and marry their daughters to those who cut their hair are punishable.” (Rehatnāma Bhai Dayā Singh jī)

3.  Those who sell their daughters

Those who receive money for the marriage of their daughters.

4.  Those that cut some of their hair from their head

5.  Those who completely shave all their hair from their face and head

Besides these above mentioned there are other groups who do not accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as the Guru. These groups are not to be associated with, married into or meals taken with them.

If they take Amrit from Panj Pyare, keep the Khalsa Rehat and accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib jī as their Guru then they can be associated with and they are our brothers and sisters.