3. First Teachings | Sikh Code | v2


Mool Mantar and the manifestation of Guru mantra in the candidates

In the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jī, the Panj Pyare are to make all the Singhs and Singhni's stand and collectively repeal the Mool Mantar five times, investing all its spiritual powers into the candidates.

Ik Ongkār - God is One, without opposition. He is the creator
Satnām - True is His Name
Kartā Purakh - The doer of all that is manifest
Nirbhau - He is without fear
Nirvair - He is without enmity
Akāl Mūrat - Timeless is His form
Ajūni - Beyond Births and Deaths
Saibhang - Self-Existent
Gur Prasād - Realised by the grace of the Guru
॥ jap ॥ - Meditate on this Name
ādh sach - True before the Ages
jugādh sach - True at the start of the Ages
hai bhī sach - True now
Nānak hosī bhī sach  - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji says He shall be true in the future.

In the same manner, Vaheguru (Gurmantar) is to be repeated five times and in the same way all its powers become invested in the individual, by repeating it in the presence of Guru Sahib. They are to utter the Gurfateh after this.

"Vaheguru is Gurmantar by meditating upon which ego is erased."
(Bhai Gurdas jī. Var. 13)

After this, one of the Panj Pyare will then tell the candidates what the Rehat Maryādā (code of conduct for the Khalsa) is, which has been the same since the formation of the Khalsa. Only the Panj Pyare have the right to announce the Maryādā.

After this, all stand and perform Ardas for Karah Parshad and becoming initiated into the Khalsa Panth.

The Panj Pyare then utter:

Maharaj jī! Whilst creating the Amrit, bestowing it, investing the Mool Mantar and Gurmantar, narrating the Rehat Maryādā, meting out punishment, we must have made many mistakes, please forgive our faults.

Please bless us with true knowledge in the future. Free the candidates from the cycle of births and deaths, and keep them within your Rehat Maryādā."

After the Ardas, a Hukamnāma is taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Any candidate who has not had their names based upon a Hukamnāma from Guru ji, must take new names from the first letter of the Hukamnāma.

Karah Parshad then is distributed.

NB: If someone's wedding has not been performed according to Gurmat, i.e. an Anand Karaj not been performed, that Singh and Singhni are to get married according to Gurmat before the final Ardas of the ceremony:

They are to walk around the Sri Guru Granth Sahib jī four times as the Lava prayer are being recited. Anand Sahib is to be recited followed by an Ardas.

Teachings given by the Panj Pyare

Five Singhs administer Amrit, to whose command you must take on your head to receive the boon of Amrit. The five narrate a discipline, which is to be thought of at all times and never forgotten." (Rehatnāma Bhai Deśa Singh jī)

The Jathedar of the Panj Pyare is to utter the Fateh, as is the tradition from Satguru's time, and congratulate the new initiates. He also says:

"Khalsa jī, many of you are blessed for on this day you have received Satguru’s gift of Amrit. You have shaken off the influence of Guruless people. You now belong to the Guru.

From this day forward, you are the sons and daughters of the Guru, and your mind, body and wealth belong to the Guru.

Having taken the Guru's Amrit, your previous caste, family name and sins are no more. Your previous life is finished and today you have taken birth in the House of the Guru.

You are all now part of the Khalsa family:
Your Spiritual Father is Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji;
Your Spiritual Mother is Mata Sahib Kaur Ji;
Your Place of Birth is Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib;
Your place of birth is of Sri Anandpur Sahib;
Your Maternal home (Nānakī) is Guru Ka Lahore;
Your Obedience is to the One Timeless Lord;
Your only Guru is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
You are not to bow to any person as being your Guru, not even by mistake;
Your examination is only via the Śabad and Gurbani;

"The Śabad is the Guru and is worthy of worship. It is very deep, the people of the world without this Śabad are insane." (SGGSJ Ang 635)

Your Vision is the Khalsa:

"Where five Singhs with excellent Rehat are congregated,
see my true form/spirit within them

"The Khalsa - an Amritdhari disciplined Sikh is my true form.
I am invested in such Sikhs.

Your Worship is of the Timeless Lord.

By living according to the Rehat, Guru Sahib will bless the individual and he says.

"Through the teachings of the True Guru,
the cycle of births and deaths has been abolished.
” (SGGSJ Ang 940)

The Mool Mantar and Gurmantar which have been invested in each individual by the Panj Pyare are to be meditated on at all limes, whilst walking, standing, sitting, travelling or working.

In the same way that the Panj Pyare recited the five prayers to prepare the Amrit, the candidate is to recite the five prayers on a daily basis after rising early and having Ishnana (bathing during which meditation is done).

In the evening Rehras Sahib is recited and before going to sleep Kirtan Sohila is read. As a bare minimum these seven prayers are the minimum which must be recited daily by all Amritdharis.

The prayers for Amrit Vela/Ambrosial hours (before dawn) are as follows:

1) Sri Japji Sahib - read to attain Brahma Jñān (Knowledge of God);

2) Sri Jaap Sahib - Sri Jaap Sahib is a salutation to the Timeless Lord and a description of his qualities;

3) Ten Svaye - ("Sravag sudh smooh sidhaan...") The Svaye are read to attain worldly detachment and abolish false practices; and

4) Sri Chaupai Sahib - this is recited for protection, having 29 verses in the numerical order as in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib.

"In the month of Phadro, eight days after Masaya on a Sunday, whilst sitting on the riverside of the Satluj I completed Sri Dasam Granth." (Dasam Granth Ang 1388)

The recital is to be to the above line, then the Svaya and Dohra are to be recited to complete the prayer;

5) Sri Anand Sahib - this recital is for liberation from the cycle of births & deaths and the attainment of Anand (Bliss). All 40 verses are to be recited;

6) Rehras Sahib - recited so that one does not have to leave Sach Khand (highest spiritual plane); and

7) Kirtan Sohila - Panj Ishnana (washing feet, hands and face) is performed before going to sleep. After this, one is to sit upon their bed cross-legged, facing their pillow and recite the prayer:

Satguru is with us at all times and protects us from the Angel of Death and demons. If one unexpectedly dies in their sleep, they will not enter lower life-forms.

Bad thoughts or dreams do not occur if Kirtan Sohila has been recited. Satguru places an iron fortress around him/her so nothing can hurt or scare the individual.

From now on you are never to remove any of the five Kakārs from your body.